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EAI International Conference on Smart Objects and Technologies for Social Good

October 26, 2015 | Rome, Italy


In GOODTECH we are hence interested in experiences with the design, implementation, deployment, operation and evaluation of smart objects and technologies for social good. Clearly, we are not considering only the so called first world as the scenario for this evolution; we also refer to those areas where ICT is currently less widespread, hoping that it may represent a societal development opportunity rather than a source for further divide. Authors are solicited to submit original, previously unpublished papers in the following, but not limited to, topic areas:

  * App concepts and technologies for different mobile platforms

  * Communication between mobile devices

  * Content Distribution

  * E-learning solutions

  * Smart governance and e-administration solutions

  * Smart economy solutions: e-banking, e-business

  * Smart living and E-health

  * Data collection, organization and dissemination methods

  * Data replication protocols in network partitions

  * Delay-tolerant aerial networks and ferrying approaches

  * Deployment and field-testing

  * Experimental results of communication testbeds

  * Game, entertainment, and multimedia applications

  * Human-object interaction

  * Mobile service architectures and frameworks

  * Mobility and handover management

  * New application scenarios for vehicular communications

  * Pervasive and ubiquitous services in cloud and IoT

  * Platforms and frameworks for mobile devices

  * Privacy issues and solutions

  * Protocol design, testing and verification

  * Security issues, architectures and solutions

  * Smart cities and transportation

  * Internet of Things

  * ICT for development

  * Digital tools for art and feelings

  * Technology addressing the digital divide

  * Environment sensing, monitoring and preservation

A workshop proposal should contain:

  • Title of the workshop
  • A brief description of the specific technical issues that the workshop will address
  • The reasons why the workshop is interesting and timely
  • A draft call for papers, including the workshop submission deadlines
  • Tentative composition of the organizing and program committees

Presentations delivered during the workshops are based on papers that have been selected through peer- review process. Accepted workshop papers are included in the Conference Proceedings. Best workshop paper publications may be included in various Transactions or other journals.

Proposals for workshops should be at most four pages in length and must be submitted by electronic mail to: Priscila Solis , University of Brasília, Brasil